Coaching Resource for Master Biathletes

Biathlon Coaching by Paul and Bryn is a full-service biathlon coaching service that focuses on both the shooting and fitness components of biathlon.  This training program is NOT a replacement for your local club live fire training, but a supplementary virtual program.  It is the responsibility of the participant to have their own rifle and basic equipment.

This coaching program is designed for three types of individuals:

  1. You want to learn biathlon basics, shooting technique and biathlon specific physical training
  2. You have biathlon experience, previous race experience, and want to become more competitive
  3. You have several years of high-level biathlon experience, competitive within your age group and want to compete at a very high level Nationally or Internationally

The services provided by Biathlon Coaching by Paul and Bryn include:

  • Introductory sessions including rifle basics, rifle fitting, range protocol and position
  • Shooting video analysis either live video or recorded
  • Weekly sessions at Dry Fire Foundry (drop-in classes) based on training package
  • Monthly 60 shot shooting tests
  • Weekly shooting workouts (dry or live fire combination)
  • Ski related workouts each week (Run, bike, rollerski, skierg, ski hiking, run/shoot combos)
  • Daily workout analysis through Training Peaks for each workout
  • Up to 15 minutes each week with either shooting coach or fitness coach

Whether you are looking to improve your shooting technique, preparing for the 2022 US National Biathlon Championships in Lake Placid or dreaming of competing in the 2024 World Master Games in Italy, we have a program that can help you achieve your goals.

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