Week 2, Month 1

Hi Everyone–

This week is the second week of the first month of training. Take a look at your log from last week. When you finish this current week, you should have 1/2 of your monthly goal hours done. So if you aren’t on that track, making an adjustment now is easier than at the end of the month.. Especially if you are in a high school track program this spring, you should be doing quite a bit of extra work on the side!!

This week has a strength focus—so be sure to get in your 3 strength workouts …and get used to them, you should be putting those in now for the next couple of months! About 15% of your annual hours should be spent on strength work—body weights, light weights, pullup bars, weight room etc.

In addition, some biking as the roads clear is good, and get your roller ski equipment cleaned up, new wheels if you need them, road tips on your ski poles and etc..

And if you haven’t already, and have a leased rifle—be sure to turn it in to your coach and let him/her know if you are planning on leasing again next year. We are short of rifles this year, and if you have been in the program for a couple of years, you really should be looking to buy your own.

Hope to see you at the May weekend camp starting on the 18th of May!

Enjoy the Journey!
Bill Meyer, Coach