USBA Athlete Development Model

We’d like to share with you the newly created USBA Athlete Development Model: A guide for coaches, parents, and athletes on how to support optimal long-term development for youth in the sport of biathlon and the following message from Bernd Eisenbichler, Chief of Sport:

This model serves as the guiding philosophy and framework for our upcoming USBA Coaching Manual (to be launched summer 2018). It is a statement in short form to define our approach to the sport and serves two main purposes: to unite U.S. biathlon clubs and development programs under a common philosophy, and to develop sustainable, whole athletes capable of achieving world-class biathlon results. This will be published on our website and I ask you all to share it within the USBA community, with club coaches, officials, volunteers, athletes and their parents.

I also would like to see this model published at every venue in the country.

A BIG THANK YOU goes to all involved national team coaches and staff members, especially our Head Coach Per Nilsson as well as our Sports Psychologist Sean McCann.

A VERY BIG THANK YOU goes to Danika Frisbie [former competitor and coach] for her dedication to that project, her creativity to make it look so great and her endless patience accepting all the changes and challenges I brought to her weekly even after the “final” version from end of September (8 more drafts followed).

I am available for feedback/ questions at anytime.
With best regards,

USBA Athlete Development Model final

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