Good Afternoon Everyone!

The past weekend daycamps at Elk River went really well! It really helps having all the help we did—coaches, parent coaches, and parents all pitching in to do all the work!! I sincerely hope it was extra valuable to all who participated. I am looking forward to mostly a different crew from more northern MN on Saturday at Mt Itasca!

One word of note on shooting camps. We saw some really good shooting this past weekend. We changed the fit on most of the rifles. Now you need to get used to the new feel. Shooting positions, good ones, are not supposed to be comfortable—so when a change is made, you will normally feel it. And even after shooting all weekend, by the Sunday pm time trial..results are rarely ever your best. But also rarely ever your worst! And from here the improvement curve will normally climb faster than ever!

Most can hit with a poorly fit rifle some of the time. But a poor fit makes missing easier. A perfect fit makes hitting easier. Don’t get hung up on a new feel to the rifle. If it continues to feel awkward in a few weeks or your accuracy isn’t improving—let us know!!

Enjoy the Journey!
Bill Meyer, Coach