June Camps

Good Morning!

We are now approaching the June Shooting Camps. The Mt Itasca camp starts 2 weeks from today:

The original invitation:

This is the invitation to the First June Camp [19th thru 23rd] including the waiver, plus the tentative schedule of events. The camp will accommodate a wide range of abilities and is designed to build your ski and shooting skills. Just as this past weekend, you will get coaching appropriate for your level at this point.

Housing will be similar to the May weekend. Camping at Mt Itasca, staying in the waxroom, or on your own. The more who stay at the venue, the more fun it is for all!!

The camp is designed primarily for Boys/Girls; Youth and Juniors. Ages 14 though 21. For those 12 or 13 yr olds who are fairly mature, you should talk to Vlad or me about whether the camp is for you. You would need to have a parent with you.

Please let me know, along with Vlad, if you plan to attend.

So far I have heard from:
Joey DelToro Kaisa and Ryker Bosek
Saylor Landrum Piper Wilson
Jake Statz Emma and Sam Stertz
Maxim and Jamilah Gusiv Jackson and Connor Grant
Julia Torresani Gabe Raguse

The following week – Tues the 16th thru Thurs the 18th, we will have a camp at the Elk River range. This camp will be focused on additional shooting skills, combined with roller skiing on the Woodland Trails. We will work a lot on ski technique and skills along with shooting with ski equipment on, range procedure, and combo training.

As so far we have two groups coming—Those who live in the TC area and a group from Alexandria. I am going to leave housing up to the individuals. So the cost will be minimal—$25 per person to cover range costs. Bring your own lunches.

Please let me know if you plan to attend.

Also a special note to the younger athletes under 16. Please let me know if you would be interested in a one day camp at Elk River to introduce you to biathlon. If the interest is there, I will try to figure out a good day in mid July.

So far I have heard from:
Teresa Bitzan

As I mentioned previously, this camp is also open to Seniors and Masters on a waiting list basis. It appears we will have a couple of openings, but that could change over the next couple of weeks.

I know a few are still finishing the school year—but think ahead a bit and jump on in! Serious training has started with next winter in the horizon!!

Enjoy the Journey!
Bill Meyer, Coach