For Sale: Anschutz Sprint Fortier w/V2 stock

For Sale: Anschutz Sprint Fortier w/V2 stock. Purchased from Marc Sheppard at Altius and NEVER shot. I bought the rifle for my wife and she never used it as biathlon is not exactly a popular sport in Houston, TX! The rifle has not even been dry fired, other than at the factory.

(a) Rifle, 5 magazines, front sight, spare firing pin (S/N: 3123824)
(b) Anschutz 6827 rear sight
(c) Altius prone sling
(d) Altius handstop
(e) Core Sport prone cuff
(f) Altius biathlon harness
(g) Altius aperture extension for anschutz
(h) Altius double blinder
(i) Altius/Core sport rifle cover
(j) Match 54 rod guide
(k) mc25 cleaner, mc25 oil, tw25b grease
(l) two .22 bronze brushes
(m) Lapua midas+ 40gr, std velocity, 50 ends/box, 10 boxes

Original box.  Identical package from Altius runs approx. $4460. Asking $3950 plus shipping to your FFL.  Questions:

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