Waxing Protocol for the 2010 IBU Cup Team Trials/Jr World Team Trials

Waxing Protocol for the 2010 IBU Cup Team Trials/Jr World Team Trials

USBA will be enforcing a “same wax” policy for the 2010 IBU Cup Team Trials, Dec 12-22, 2009 at Mt Itasca, MN and the Jr/Youth World Team Trials, Dec 19-22, 2009. All athletes wanting to qualify for the 2010 IBU Cup Team are required to adhere to the waxing policy in order to be considered for nomination to the team. Athletes failing to follow this protocol will be ineligible for selection to IBU Cup Team.

The purpose of this “same wax” protocol create the most fair conditions to select the IBU Cup Tam. A secondary reason is to reduce the cost for the clubs and USBA programs by reducing the cost of wax, as well as eliminating the need to bring extra staff for the sole purpose of preparing testing and preparing all combinations of wax.

  1. A committee of 5 coaches will be elected at the first coaches’ meeting on Friday, Dec 11. This committee will select the wax for each event. All teams should be sure to have a full range of: the chosen wax line. If an athlete or group of athletes does not have access to the “wax of the day” the wax will be provided to them by the TD at the wax room. In order to aid in the process of ski marking, athletes are asked to remove markings, stickers, tape, etc, in the area from 10 cm below the tip of the ski to the binding.
  2. All waxing of race skis must take place at the Mt Itasca waxing building between 7:30pm-9:30pm the night before each race. The “wax of the day” will be selected by 7:30pm by the waxing committee. All race skis need to be waxed and left unscraped, and then registered with the TD by 9:30pm. The TD will record serial numbers each ski stamped with the “stamp of the day.” Registered skis will be locked in the waxing building overnight. The wax room will be closed at 9:30pm.
  3. On race day, the wax room will be open 2hr30min hours prior to zero and coaches can scrape and brush skis. After scraping and brushing, skis need to be returned to the fenced in, numbered racks just outside the wax room. All registered race skis must remain in the numbered racks until 30 min prior to zero.
  4. Registered skis will be released to athletes 30 min before zero. Athletes have 20 minutes to test their skis and return the pair that they intend to race on to the starting corral. Skis must be returned to the corral 10 min prior to the opening of zero. Once skis leave the wax room the ski bases cannot be brushed or manipulated in anyway (structuring, corking, etc). As skis are returned to the starting corral, the serial numbers will be checked. Once a pair of skis has been brought to the corral, it cannot be removed or replaced. There will be numbered slots along the fence in the corral area so that athletes can put their skis in the slot that matches their bib number.
  5. Athletes found to have applied additional waxes, liquids, rub ons other than those announced as the “wax of the day” will be disqualified from the race.

The purpose of the Waxing Protocol is to make the racing fair, and to let athletes and coaches focus on the business of preparing to race. The Technical Delegate, after consultation with the competition jury, may modify the waxing protocol in order to make it less cumbersome and more effective.

We will be using TOKO Cold Powder, Holmenkol Matrix Blue and Holmenkol Matrix Red as the standardized waxes. USBA will supply wax to all athletes who do not have it.

We appreciate each the cooperation and understanding of every athletes and coach. USBA feels that this process will ensure a fair Trials process. All comments and suggestions for improvement of the waxing protocol should be directed to the Chair of the International Competition Committee, Piotr Bednarski, mnbiathon@aol.com, 952/ 237-0765 cell.

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