MN Biathlon and USBA memberships

Below is the MNBiathlon Membership form for this year. Please note: this membership runs from May to May. Also below is the USBA membership which normally runs from Oct to Oct, but if you are planning on attending camps or races before Oct, and are not a current member of USBA, you will need to join now. Our insurance program comes from USBA.

2018-2019 MNBiathlon Membership Registration Form

USBA Membership Form

For those in the Twin Cities area, we have 3 options for you. Simple outstate membership with no use of the Elk River facility except for races; membership plus use of the ER facility, but not the new TC Club training program; or the full program including once a week coaching until Labor Day.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Bill Meyer, Coach

Midwest Regional Biathlon May Camp

Hello Everyone,

here is the information for our Midwest Region May Camp at Mt. Itasca, MN. This camp is a great jump start to the season and a perfect time to do all new adjustments on your rifle or fitting rifle for a new athletes.

A few details below:
Dates: May 18-20 2018


1) new athletes- great skiers, at least 14 years old, under 25, who want to try Biathlon. Athletes will go through a basic safety training, will do a rifle fitting and a start on accuracy shooting, shooting prone and standing, developing good position and range procedure.
2) experienced athletes – check position – make adjustments, and get started with some focused accuracy shooting.


Friday PM: Arrive at Mt Itasca 6 pm – having eaten dinner. ( Let me know if you plan to come earlier)
6:30-8:30pm Rifle fitting, dry fire
Training all day with breaks for lunch and dinner. Main focus will be on shooting, though there will be time for physical training ( rollerski and running).

More shooting drills and shooting games.
Training will wrap up approx 11:30 am with lunch and departure.

Cost and Registration:

-Cost for use of venue, coaching, and food-  $90, please make checks payable to Vlad Cervenka.  Bring checks or cash with you, along with the attached registration form.   Note that the USBA membership is required.

– New athletes will be able to purchase an ammunition for $40.00/ 500 rounds ( check or cash  made to Vlad Cervenka)  All experienced athletes need to bring their own ammo.   Note that you will be eating out for dinner on Sat night, so bring $ for dinner.

All athletes please confirm  that you coming with Bill Meyer or Vladimir Cervenka

What to bring:

You will be “camping” at Mt Itasca, sleeping in the Headquarters building or in your own tent (or you can stay in hotel on your own).  There are bathrooms and kitchen in the Alpine Chalet.   You’ll eat breakfast and lunches at Mt Itasca and have dinners out.  Bring $ for dinners – breakfast and lunch food will be provided.

You will need a camping mat/air mattress, sleeping bag, pillow  for sleeping.  You will need running shoes, and several sets of training clothing, as well as skate rollerski equipment and helmet, water bottle carrier, and bring some rain gear.  Also bring a pair of thin ski gloves for shooting.

New athletes contact Bill Meyer at  or Vlad at if this camp is suitable for you. Everyone, please let us know if you plan to attend!!

In June there will be another  camp 6.13 – 6.17  at Mt. Itasca with more  focus on  biathlon training.[ Also a longer camp for the older more experienced biathletes.]

For more info contact

Vlad Cervenka: 218 256 8323
Bill Meyer : 218 839 4727

ER Clinic and Race photos – from Brian Wray – Saturday, March 3, 2018

Higher resolution images here:

MN Biathlon Summer/Fall Schedule – 2018/2019 Training



New Training year begins April 16th, 2018

May Camp 5.19-20 Mt Itasca- Introduction to biathlon, fitting rifles, and shooting focus

June Camp 6.13-23 Mt Itasca- Shooting camp. First week for all, second for 2nd yr + athletes

July Biathlon Race- 7.19 Elk River- Biathlon on roller skis –Thurs eve

Vermont Training Camp 8.5-12. Plus travel days. High level training at Jericho, VT

August Biathlon Race- 8.23 Elk River- Biathlon on roller skis- Thurs eve

Sept Biathlon Race- 9.23 Elk River- Biathlon on roller skis- Sunday morning

Oct Camp-10.18-21 Mt Itasca- Intensity focus-Sunday moves to Elk River

Oct Biathlon Race- 10.21 Elk River—Biathlon on roller skis- Sunday morning

Please note the above schedule is subject to changes. Normally about 2 weeks ahead of the event an “Invitation” will be sent out by email. Please respond to those so the organizers can plan for the appropriate number of participants.

The Camps are designed for younger athletes—generally age 13-25. Those older are invited to all the races, and to participate in the camps as coaches or coach/parents.

2nd Novice Clinic and Rescheduled MNCup #9 – 3rd of March, 2018

Hi Everyone–
Unfortunately we had to reschedule the race planned for today due to a lot of snow over the past couple of days, anticipated poor driving conditions [they were]  and a low number of experienced participants interested in racing.
Accordingly, a decision was made yesterday to do the race immediately after the novice clinic next weekend. That Novice clinic is only open to those contacted by Brian Wray as the second tier of those who signed up a few weeks ago.
We again need volunteers to come for the novice clinic with their rifles and help pass on that knowledge to the newcomers. The first group, yesterday, had a great time as did the volunteers helping!!
This coming Saturday we are going to revise the program a little. Instead of a small practice race, novices will be doing the full timed course with 4 shootings, starting in the lineup immediately after the experienced racers. Novices will not carry, but be directed to a shooting point with a rifle as they come into the range, shooting prone on standing. Experienced athletes will carry their own rifles.
An alternate course will be provided for those uncomfortable with the longer distances. Those athletes will start after the first leg of shooting.
The schedule: Saturday the 3rd
10:00 am arrive to help set up the range
11:00 Novice clinic begins
12:30 zero for experienced athletes—and a few shots for returning novices from yesterday
1:30 or when zero is done…race begins.
Please let me know if you plan to attend by Wed evening!!
For others with interest, there will be another novice event at Mt Itasca on Saturday, the 10th of March in conjunction with MNCup #10
Bill Meyer, Coach
Nisswa NW Biathlon

MN Cup: Biathlon Race & Novice Race at Mt.Itasca – Sat, March 10, 2018 – RESULTS

Minnesota Cup: Biathlon Race & Novice Race

Hosted by Mt.Itasca Nordic Ski Association

Biathlon Results: Mass Start, 3.10.2018
10K Mass Start (5×2.0K) – Overall Results
Place Categ. Name Shooting Time
1 1YM Garrett Beckrich 2132 30:03
2 1SM Jake Dalberg 2130 31:43
3 2YM Hunter Zupko 1223 31:58
4 1MM Frank Gangi 4221 36:38
5 1B Frank  Gangi Jr. 1355 43:08
7.5K Mass Start (5×1.5K) – Overall Results
Place Categ. Name Shooting Time
1 1YW Emma Stertz 1123 30:54
2 1G Kaisa Bosek 1121 32:23
3 1B Ryker Bosek 1000 32:45 PP PP PS PS
4 2YW Stormy Hegg 2213 33:15
5 2G Emma Watson 1103 36:36
6 3YW Cheresa Bouley 3152 37:37
7 3G Lucy Watson 1311 38:18
8 4G Clara Kramer 3554 38:59
Place Categ. Name Shooting Time
1 M52 Tom Wagner O1 17:16
2 M16 Joseph DelToro 30 17:39
3 M17 Zach Fouguerel 21 18:18
4 M16 Railey Schollett O1 18:30
5 M16 Jack Lee 24 18:38
6 M28 Jordan Fellbaum OO 19:31
7 M14 Jon Hakala 32 20:45
8 M16 John Stockard 20 21:09
9 M12 Ethan Yorek 10 21:12
10 M13 Matthew Broderson 11 21:48
11 M29 Michael Carson OO 22:11
12 M15 Ailan Hagen 20 22:29
13 M14 Grant Yorek 32 22:33
14 M14 Hayden Hommes 34 23:36
15 M13 Conor Grant 30 24:21
16 M12 Angus Rustad 13 24:58
17 M12 Bjorn Krona O4 25:07
18 M35 Afton Clarke-Satener 12 25:31
19 M15 Jackson Grant OO 25:33
20 M15 Logan Jensen 32 25:51
21 M18 Colton Gottwalt 25 29:02
22 M13 Baden Bastian O1 29:57
23 M33 Graham Litters
1 W14 Lilly Krona 12 19:28
2 W16 Claire Wagner 13 21:18
3 W16 Caitlin Gustafson 12 21:46
4 W40 Emily Broderson 20 22:26
5 W12 Dorothea Kramer O4 28:53
6 W16 Molly Lange 20 29:56
7 W13 Raina Lederman 31 37:31
8 W31 Paula FuchLitters
shorter course 3x800m
1 W8 Elaine Jackson 20 15:05
1 M6 James Jackson 20:40

MN Cup March 2018

Date: Saturday, March 10, 2018 Place: Mt.Itasca, Coleraine
Race Format: Mass Start (PPSS)

Distance: G, YW, JW, SW, MW: 7.5km
B, YM, JM, SM, MM: 10km;
Registration: 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM
Zero: 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Race Start: 10:45 AM Mass Start
Cost: $20 (cash or check payable to MINSA)

Novice Race (recommended age: 13+) ~ Registration: 9:30 – 11:30am
~ No previous shooting experience necessary! ~ Instruction, Rifles, and Ammo provided.

~ Novice Race will follow the main race.
~ Safety Clinic prior to the race
~ Start approx. at 12-12:15PM
~ Race Format: Mass Start – 4.5k (3×1.5k), PP + penalty loop ~ Cost: $20 (cash or check payable to MINSA)

Awards for Biathlon & Novice Race: after completion of both races. Questions? Call Vlad or Petra 218-999-5046 or e-mail