Minnesota Biathlon 2017/2018 Winter Biathlon Schedule


Zero, start times and formats will be announced by the organizers of the events as the details emerge.

Sun 10 Dec—MNCup  #1  Mt Itasca

Fri- Tues 15-19 Dec—IBU Trials  Mt Itasca
Sat 16 Dec – MNCup #2 Mt Itasca
Sun 17 Dec- MN Cup #3 Mt Itasca

Thurs- Sun- 28th-31st Dec YJr Trials Mt Itasca
Fri 29 Dec MN Cup #4 Mt Itasca
Sat 30 Dec MNCup #5 Mt Itasca
Sun 31 Dec MNCup #6 Mt Itasca

Sun 14 Jan ‘18  MN Cup #7 Snowflake
Sun 21 Jan  MN Cup #8 Nisswa [LJJ Nordic race Sun 28th BRD] <- updated date to Jan 21st

26 Jan Friday—MN Guard Regional Sprint- Camp Ripley
27 Jan Sat—MN Guard Regional Pursuit- Camp Ripley
28 Jan Sun—BNSC Lumberjack Jaunt – Brainerd- Nordic race

High School Section meets Tues-Thurs 6th-8th Feb various locations
High School State Meet Thurs 15 Feb Giants Ridge
JNQ Meets 17/18 Feb Mt Itasca
Sun 25 Feb MN Cup #9 Woodland Trails, Elk River

26th Feb- 04 Mar YJr Worlds Estonia
[race days- travel will be earlier

Sat 10 Mar MN Cup #10 Mt Itasca

US Nationals/NorAm Championships
29-31 Mar, Soldier Hollow, Utah

2017 Summer / Fall Schedule incl race dates

 2017 Summer Schedule 3_24_17
Month Date Day Location Description Zero Start
May 19 Friday Mt. Itasca Shooting Camp 6 PM
20 Saturday Mt. Itasca Shooting Camp
21 Sunday Mt. Itasca Shooting Camp
20 Saturday Coaching Biathlon for Parents – evening – Bill Meyer
June 14 – 24 Wednesday – Saturday Mt. Itasca Shooting Camp
17 Saturday Mt. Itasca Mass Start – Running 10 AM 10:40 AM
       June 29 – July 13 – High Altitude Camp – Colorado – Vlad Cervenka
July 20 Thursday Elk River Individual Start – Roller Ski 5 PM 6 PM
     August 5 – August 13 – Jericho VT Camp
12 Saturday Jericho Sprint roller ski
13 Sunday Jericho Pursuit roller ski
August 24 Thursday Elk River Mass Start – Roller Ski 5 PM 6 PM
September 24 Sunday Elk River Individual Start – Roller Ski 10 AM 11 AM
October 19 – 21 Thursday – Saturday Mt. Itasca High Intensity Camp
22 Sunday Elk River High Intensity Camp Time Trial
MN Biathlon Fall Festival
October 29 Sunday Elk River Pursuit Format – Roller Ski 10 AM 11 AM

USBA Regional and MNBiathlon Camps Summer and Fall 2017

Hi Everyone–
Our schedule is coming together. Some dates are a bit tentative yet, and we have not wired down our summer race dates yet. {July, August, Sept and Oct] But here are the tentative dates for the camps:

May 19th – 21st [starts at 6:00 pm on Fri and is perfect for younger and older biathletes alike]- focus on shooting. Also will issue a lot of lease rifles this weekend.

June 14th- 24th—Shooting camp. The first week is perfect for all athletes, the second week gets more intense and is better for advanced athletes.

June 29th- July 13th. Colorado high altitude camp. Dates are a bit tentative. Primarily for advanced athletes. Lot of biking over mountain passes.

August 5th- 13th—Vermont camp. Combo training on roller skis. Beginning of National team selection Trials the last weekend. Good camp for anyone comfortable on roller skis from around age 14 or 15 up.

Oct 19-22—Intensity camp at Mt Itasca. Good camp for all serious athletes.

We are coming into the ‘13th’ 4 week month of training starting on Monday. This is traditionally the recovery month of the year. However we have Nationals coming up in Vermont starting next Friday, and other local races where snow is lingering. But basically the goal for the month is to have fun, do some alternate activities and to get ready for another training year.

Bill Meyer, Coach

NISSWA MNCUP #5 – Saturday, Jan 28, 2017 – RESULTS


Coming up on Saturday, Jan 28th, 2017 is the next in our MNCup series of races. The following day, for anyone interested is the BNSC’s Lumberjack Jaunt, a 6/16 km Nordic race..classical or skate. For information regarding that event—please go to the BNSC webpage.


Hanne Guthrie 00:00.0 2 1 3 2 8 39:02.0 39:02.0 1 1 SW 10km
Owen Baird 00:10.0 5 4 2 3 14 43:23.0 43:13.0 1 2 MM 10 km
Kaisa Bosek 00:20.0 0 1 2 2 5 30:03.0 29:43.0 1 1 SrG 7 km
Emma Watson 00:50.0 0 1 1 2 4 31:38.0 30:48.0 2 2 SrG 7 km
Emma Reineke 01:00.0 5 3 4 3 15 36:56.0 35:56.0 3 3 SrG 7 km
Cheresa Bouley 00:40.0 4 3 3 5 15 37:38.0 36:58.0 4 4 SrG 7 km
Stormy Hegg 01:10.0 5 3 0 p/s 0 p/s 8 34:30.0 33:20.0 1 SrG 7 km
Devin Emslander 00:30.0 5 5 2 p/s 4 s/s 16 36:55.0 36:25.0 1 SrB 7 km
Ryker Bosek 01:20.0 3 0 p/s 3 p/s 0 p/s 6 30:03.0 28:43.0 1 1 JrB 5 km

WHEN: Saturday, Jan 28th, 2017

TIME: zero at 10:00 am, races begin when all are zeroed—10:45- 11:00

WHERE: Nisswa range. Lower Roy Lake Rd, Nisswa. Next to the Nisswa Wastewater Treatment Plant/Nisswa Maintenance Facility. Note: there are no bathroom facilities available at the range.

WHAT: Two races are planned, both Pursuit Format with 10 sec interval starts based on estimated ski speeds.

First race:

MM, SM, JM, YM, MW, SW, JW …10 km… 5 x Blue loop

YW…7 km.. 2 x Blue + 3 x Yellow…..All carry rifles

Note: Youth classes are normally AGES 16,17,18 [in 2016]

Second race immediately after completion of first race:

Senior B/G …7 km …2 x Blue + 3 x Yellow

Younger B/G ..5 km..1 x Blue + 2 x Yellow + 2 x Green

Note: Senior B/G will not carry and can include athletes 16 yrs old or younger. They will shoot at normal targets.

Younger B/G will not carry and are athletes 14 yrs old or younger

WHO: Any athlete who has been taught biathlon safety and who has shot on their home range is eligible to participate. All will zero at 10:00 am. All participants will use their own slings/cuffs unless they provide a rest for the rifle. Target size/shooting position for Younger B/G will be adjusted according to their ability.

WEATHER: Current conditions are good at the range, however we are currently experiencing warm rainy weather through Monday. I will update the race status on Tues eve.

SIGNUP AND LUNCH: Please let me know by Thurs eve if you plan to attend so I can adjust the schedule if need be. A lunch will be provided at Meyer’s after the races. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU PLAN TO JOIN US FOR LUNCH.

Traffic Problem Tomorrow (Saturday Jan 28)

Hi Everyone,
Well, we think we will have decent trails and a good race tomorrow. Anyone coming up from the South on #371 should be aware the Brainerd Ice Fishing Extravaganza is on tomorrow and traffic will be down to one lane near Gull Lake and heavy!! Alternate routes from the west are to wind through the County roads and get onto #77 in Lakeshore and come around the north side of Gull. From the east, you can turn north on CR #3 by Caribou coffee as you enter BRD and take that to #4, and #4 to #13 which will bring you to Lake Hubert. Take Clark Lake Dam road up to Clark Lake Rd and then to my house.

Everyone—be super careful on the back roads and in our driveway; and also in parking area on Charmin Ave near the range. Lot of ice everywhere. Please park on the east side of Charmin near the range. Also please recall there are no bathrooms at the range, only his and her trees Smile

Hope to see you tomorrow! Keep an eye on your email late tonight/ early tomorrow for any updates.

Bill Meyer, Coach

Biathlon and Lumberjack Jaunt

Hi Everyone-
Just a quick update. Both races are on—Saturday Biathlon and Sunday a Nordic 6 or 18km [3 x 6km] Skate or classical. I skied the LJJ course this morning with good skis and it was really good, plus the high school will have 30 kids shoveling this pm as they are using part of it tomorrow for a Conference race.

Enclosed are a couple of pictures from the Arb this morning.

I will continue to work on the biathlon courses. Not bad, but we can make it better by Saturday.

Bill Meyer