2017 Youth Junior WCH Trials – UPDATED SCHEDULE

Hi Everyone–
This proposal has been in the works for a couple of days—and got approved today.


Hope to see you on Wed or on Thurs morning at the latest!!
Please let me know if there are any questions!

Bill Meyer, Coach

2017 New Youth Junior WCH Trials PDF updated schedule

Pictures from Sprint 12.15.2017 – Photo credit: Roy Kjorlien

Here are some pics that turned out okay. Unfortunately I did not get
home with a women’s start list.


> Patric Johnson
Peter Carroll
Raleigh Goessling
Vasek Cervenka
women 54 – Chloe Levins
women 56 – Deedra Irwin
women 59 – Maddie Phaneuf
women 60 – Hallie Grossman
women St Scholastica – Kelsey Dickinson

Cold weather adjustments for the Junior Trials

Hi All,

First of all I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and safe travels to Minnesota.

I have a few updates for the Trials races. So far we have not received enough snow on our regular trails ( it is ski-able, but not a have enough snow to hold a race), so we will probably race on our 2.5k  man made loop. We just hosted the Senior IBU Cup Trials and the course worked great.

The bigger concern is the weather forecast for the races. At this moment it looks we will be able to hold the races, but it will be cold. Therefore we will postpone races to the warmest time of the day (approximately  1PM zero and 2 PM start). Exact times and changed schedule will be announce at the coaches meeting on Thursday  12.28.2017.

Changing time for the races on Friday and Saturday should not effect anyone, but on Sunday some of you already traveling home. We will try hold the race, as soon it will be legal to race -20C (-4F).

If you plan to travel out on the 31st after the races, please start looking for a back up plans.

Hopefully the forecast will still change.

Please let me know, if you have any questions.
Vlad Cervenka
cell : 218 256 8323

US Trials for the US Team to the Youth and Junior Worlds

Well the IBU Cup Trials are finished—and now we need to look forward to the end of next week! Beginning with unofficial training on Wed the 27th, then Official training on the 28th and races on Fri, Sat and Sun the 29th, 30th and 31st respectively, the US Trials for the US Team to the Youth and Junior Worlds will be held at Mt Itasca.

2017 Junior Youth WCH Trials

The race invitation is enclosed. Please let me know if you are coming and what days you expect to race for either the Trials or the MNCup races- even if you have talked to me previously. If you are doing the Trials, you should mail in your entry so the organizers can get start lists etc put together. Also, If you are doing Trials, you must have at least one and up to two pair of race skis into the wax room by Thursday afternoon at the latest. The USBA waxing protocol will be in effect. I would suggest you put on a couple of coats of a very cold wax like Start Green prior to arriving—that will harden up the bases somewhat.

Bring a lot of warm clothes both for warmup and for racing!! A pair of over mittens can be used for the first lap then tossed before the 1st shooting.

As the invitation notes, these 3 races are also MNCup events and open to any biathlete with some experience.

Due to the lack snow around the state, I strongly recommend you arrive for unofficial training on Wed so we can work on your technique and shooting skills on skis!!

In general this current week is the Recovery week of the cycle. It is also a good week to work on ski technique, shooting and especially some speeds—on variable terrain, practice skiing with perfect technique—as fast as you can ski for 30 sec. Find another part of the trail and repeat—put in about 10 of these—then just go easy for a day before doing it again.

Next week should start out with a hard workout on Monday, but being Christmas you can keep it short Smile. On Tues—work on Technique for about an hour—and hope to see you on Wed!!

An important stop in the Journey!!
Have a Merry Christmas!!

Bill Meyer, Coach