Summer Biathlon Race & Novice Race – Saturday, June 20, 2015 – Mt.Itasca, Coleraine

Summer Biathlon Race & Novice Race

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mt.Itasca, Coleraine

Hosted by Mt.Itasca Nordic Ski Association

Summer Biathlon Race, Mt.Itasca, 6.20.2015
Summer Biathlon Race waiver

Biathlon Race + Novice Race

Format: Mass start, Elite (PPSS), Novice (PP)

ELITE BIATHLETES: Run distance                 Position
MEN, WOMEN, JM, JW,YM, YW, BOYS, GIRLS 6km (5×1.2km) P,P,S,S
NOVICE MEN & WOMEN:          
14 years old and over 3km (3x1km) P, P
14 years old and under 1.8km (3x600m) P, P

Elite biathletes – Registration opens: 9:00am

Zero: 9:30am – 10:00am

Start: 10:15am

Novice Race – Registration ends: 11:00am

Zero: 11:15-11:30am

Start approx.: 11:30am

Fee: $15


All Novice Biathlon Race participants will go through the safety instruction prior to zeroing and they will have adult / coach/ experienced biathlete helping them on the range while competing, zeroing the rifle or safety instruction! Rifles and ammo, Air Rifles and pellets are provided.

Questions? Call Vlad 218-256-8323 or e-mail:



Midwest Regional Biathlon Development Camp – June 15-26, 2014, Mt. Itasca/ Grand Rapids MN

Midwest Regional Biathlon Development Camp
June 15-26, 2014
Mt. Itasca/ Grand Rapids MN

This camp will focus on developing biathlon shooting skills- position, accuracy drills, and combo training for athletes that have varying experience in biathlon . Volume training, rollerskiing, running, biking, as well as strength and technique work.

shooting camp June 2015 waiver


1) new athletes: 14 years and older must be a good skier – perfect camp, if you are serious about biathlon. Shooting (including rifle set up) focused on accuracy, practicing both positions – prone and standing, developing good position and range procedure, accuracy shooting, combo shooting

2) experienced athletes – great camp to improve your biathlon skills: shooting – check position – make adjustments, focused accuracy and combo shooting

Daily schedule: first week – shooting twice a day with 1 or 2 physical workout as well;
second week – combo shooting with more biathlon specific training (rollerskiing, running, biking, strength) with few epic workouts.

Dates: Monday, June 15 at 10 AM meeting at Mt. Itasca – Friday, June 26 at Noon

Cost : includes use of venue, coaching, housing, food, transport
1 week – $300 (6.15. – 6.20.)
2 weeks – $550 (6.15.- 6.26.)

What to bring:
You will stay in the rental house in Grand Rapids with some beds available or camping at Mt. Itasca ( TBD) . You will need a camping mat /air mattress, sleeping bag, pillow.
You will need rifle, 2 brick of ammo (some ammo will be available to buy at the camp), running shoes, and several sets of training clothing. Also, skate rollerski equipm. road bike helmet, water bottle carrier. Bring some rain gear and also a pair of thin ski gloves for shooting. Bug spray may be a good idea as well.

New athletes who need a rifle contact Vlad at or Bill at

Athletes from Twin Cities – contact Piotr

If you plan to come, let me know ASAP, please. Specify also,  if you are coming for 1 or 2 week !!!

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have question,

Vlad Cervenka
cell: 218 256 8323 or

Summer 2015 Schedule

Month Date Day Location Description Zero Start
May 15 Friday Mt. Itasca Shooting Camp
16 Saturday Mt. Itasca Shooting Camp
17 Sunday Mt. Itasca Shooting Camp
16 Coaching Biathlon for Parents – evening – Bill Meyer
June 15 – 26 Monday Mt. Itasca Shooting Camp
Saturday Mt. Itasca Mass Start – Running 10 AM 10:40 AM
       July 10 – 24 – High Altitude Camp – Colorado – Vlad Cervenka
July 30 Thursday Elk River Individual Start – Roller Ski 5 PM 6 PM
     August 9 – August 16 – Jericho VT Camp (Races ?? and ??)
August 27 Thursday Elk River Mass Start – Roller Ski 5 PM 6 PM
September 20 Sunday Elk River Individual Start – Roller Ski 10 AM 11 AM
MN Biathlon Fall Festival
October 25 Sunday Elk River Pursuit Format – Roller Ski 10 AM 11 AM
Novice Race – Roller Ski 1:45 PM
TBD – Another experienced race might be added.

2015 Midwest Region Shooting Camp at Mt. Itasca, MN

Hello Everyone,

Here is the information for our Midwest Region Shooting Camp at Mt. Itasca, MN. This camp is great jump start to the season and perfect time to do all new adjustments on your rifle or  fitting rifle for a new athletes.

In June there will be another 12 day long camp 6.15-6.26  at Mt. Itasca with more  focus on shooting + distance/ technique training.

A few details below:


1) new athletes- great skiers, at least 14 years old, who wants to try Biathlon. Athletes  will go through a basic safety training, will do a rifle fitting and a  start on accuracy shooting, shooting prone and standing, developing good position and range procedure

2) experienced athletes- check position- make adjustments, and get started with some focused accuracy shooting.

Basic Schedule:

-Friday PM: Arrive at Mt Itasca 6pm- having eaten dinner.   ( Let me know if you plan to come earlier)

6:30-8:30 Rifle fitting, dry fire


Training all day with breaks for lunch and dinner.   Main focus will be on shooting, though there will be time for physical training ( rollerski technique and running).


More shooting drills and shooting games.

Training will wrap up approx 12:30pm with lunch and departure.

Cost and Registration:

-Cost for use of venue, coaching, and food-  $90, please make checks payable to Mt Itasca Winter Sports Association ( MINSA) .  Bring checks with you, along with the attached registration form.   Note that USBA membership is required.

May Shooting Camp 2015 Waiver and Registration

-Ammo will be provided for rookie athletes.  All experienced biathletes need to bring their own ammo.   Note that you will be eating out for dinner on Sat night, so bring $ for dinner.

-For Twin Cities  athletes, Please confirm you attendance with Piotr Bednarski    All others confirm with Bill Meyer or Vladimir Cervenka

What to bring:

You will be “camping” at Mt Itasca, sleeping in the Headquarters building or in your own tent (or you can stay in hotel on your own).  There are bathrooms and kitchen in the Alpine Chalet.   You’ll eat breakfast and lunches at Mt Itasca and have dinners out.  Bring $ for dinners- breakfast and lunch food will be provided.

You will need a camping mat/air mattress, sleeping bag, pillow  for sleeping.  You will need running shoes, and several sets of training clothing, as well as skate rollerski equipment and helmet, water bottle carrier, and bring some rain gear.  Also bring a pair of thin ski gloves for shooting.   Bug spray may be a good idea as well.

New athletes who needs a rifle contact Bill Meyer at  or Vlad at

Athletes from Twin Cities- contact Piotr at


from downtown Grand Rapids, take Hwy 169 North, traveling east out of Grand Rapids to Coleraine, about 6 miles. When entering Coleraine, turn left at Curly Ave

– follow the Ole N. Mangseth Ski Jump signs. Go past the arena, left on Cty Rd 61 for ½ mile. Turn left into the Mt. Itasca driveway – stay left at the Y.

Please let me know if you have any question

Vlad Cervenka

Rifle Collection Time!

It is that time of year again when we need to collect all MNBiathlon rifles. Your lease period is now over. If you have had a lease this past year you should be looking at purchasing a rifle of your own. The MN basic plan is to lease the rifles out for one year to Senior Boy/Girl/Youth [15,16,17, & 18]  and Junior [19,20] age biathletes. In some cases we have gone multiple years, but that will depend on the number of new athletes, your dedication and success in biathlon this past year, and your age and the availability.

 There will be a shooting oriented weekend camp on May 16th and 17th at Mt Itasca. If you are attending that, you should bring any leased rifle to that camp. If you are not planning on attending you have 3 options:

  1.  turn it in to Piotr in the cities
  2.  to Bill in Nisswa
  3.  to Vlad in Grand Rapids

 If you have a MNBiathlon rifle—please email Bill Meyer and indicate your plan on returning the rifle. [camp or 1,2,or 3]

Hope to see you at the camp.
Bill Meyer, Coach