US Biathlon in Europe #13

Good Morning Everyone—or for those in Europe—close to Good Evening…

Before I forget, I really recommend you watch the two Mass Start races from Sunday, the finales of the Senior World Championships in Austria!! We only had 3 participating [Claire Egan was the 30th Woman after someone dropped out along with Susan Dunkley for the US Women and Lowell Bailey for the US Men]. But exciting races and another podium for the US!!

So this morning in the Youth and Junior Worlds, the Youth Men and Youth Women opened the competitions with 32 and 30 nations, respectively, participating in the Individual events with a 45 sec time penalty per miss. Fields of around 100 each.

In the Youth Men’s 12.5km Mass Start

Vasek Cervenka, Mt Itasca Biathlon,  went out with bib #20. He cleaned his first prone shooting and left the range in 1st of the 20 at that point in the race. He came back in 1st for standing, but missed 2, leaving the range in 7th. He was back in 6th place for his second prone, missed 2 more, and left in 9th. Missing 1 in the last shooting, he left the range in 9th again of the 20 and finished in 9th place temporarily. Later finishers with better times pushed him down to a final result of 16th, 4:19.5 behind the winner from Canada, who finished the race in 32:56.6 with clean shooting. 

He was followed by Jake Pearson, WY, in 49th with 4 misses finishing 7:45 back; Alex Kilby, AK, in 75th with 5 misses 9:51 back and Eli Nielsen WA, in 91st with 11 misses 14:36 back.

In the Youth Women’s 10 km Mass Start

Chloe Levins, VT, was the US top finisher, shooting 1,1,1,0, and finishing in 14th, 3:06 behind the French winner who missed 1 shot and finished in 34:00. Grace Gilliland, AK finished 46th shooting 1,1,1,1 and finishing 6:29 back; Amanda Kautzer, Twin Cites Biathlon, finished 53rd shooting 2,1,4,1 and finishing 7:14 back. Amanda struggled with her prone today, and missed one shot each time in standing. Helen Wilson, AK, was in 62nd place, missing 6 and finishing 9:01 back.

Start list for tomorrow; [4:00 CST am for men, 7:00 am for women—live results scoreboard only]

Junior Men- 15 km
Cam Christiansen MN  #21
Travis Cooper AK          #39
Cody Johnson ME         # 55
Peter Carrroll  CA          #72
there are 29 Nations with 87 total starters

Junior Women—12.5 km
Siena Ellingson, MN   #12
Nina Armstrong, NY,  #28
There are 27 Nations with 70 total starters

Bold= been in Europe for several weeks
Good Luck to all!!
Bill Meyer

US Biathlon in Europe #12  

Good Morning!

This will be a fairly short update on the US Youth and Junior Team preparing for the YJrCh in Brezno-Orsblie, Slovakia. A picture of the venue compliments of Amanda Kautzer is enclosed. Weather is expected to be warm and rainy as the races get started. 32 Nations have Youth Men in the race tomorrow and  30 Nations have Youth Women entered. 

The Youth [15,16,17 & 18 yrs old]  Individual races will begin at 4:00 am CST with the Y Men. These will not be televised but likely available to watch later on UTube. The Women will race at 7:00 am CST. You can watch the score board at –go to the IBU webpage and tap Data Center. the Start lists are now posted for tomorrow – see below. You can set up to see splits, the range, and the finishes as they happen. Pretty amazing. Keep in mind the penalty for missed shots in the Individual is 1 min of add-on so the order of running is not indicative of the upcoming finish order. The add-on penalty for the Youth Men and Women in the Individual race is only 45 sec rather than one minute. It is a full minute for the Juniors on Thurs. The electronics will, however, add the penalties as they shoot and miss, so the splits online are accurate as to times. [for example: a bib number that is moving up from behind might have a lot of misses—but the splits and finish times will be accurate including the penalties]. When you watch an Individual race on the TV stream, you will see someone they are watching miss during the 5 shots, and his/her time will jump 1 min immediately even before they finish shooting.

Shooting order in the Individual is PSPS. Carryover as this is the historically first format they used.

The Juniors [19, 20 yrs old]  –men and women,  race on Thurs. Similar schedule. It appears that the first live TV streaming will be the Junior Sprint races on Saturday. And then likely the Junior Pursuits on Sunday. You can check for live streaming and/or replays at Otherwise bring up UTube and enter the name of the race and see what you get.

Jakob Ellingson was named to the US team to compete in the last two IBU Cup races based on his results in Vermont and Lake Placid over the past two weekends. So he is headed back to Europe.

Roster for tomorrow- bold indicates they have been in Europe for several weeks:
Vasek Cervenaka, MN—#20
Jake Pearson, WY #47
Alex Kilbey   AK     #75
Eli Nelson  WA     #98
Amanda Kautzer, MN  #23
Chloe Levins, VT  #32
Grace Gilliland, AK  #70
Helen Wilson, AK #88

US Biathlon in Europe #11 – Lowell Bailey’s Gold Medal in the BWC Individual

Morning Everyone-

We are in the midst of the Senior World Championships in Hochfilzen, Austria. The biggest news, of course, is Lowell Bailey’s Gold Medal in the Individual race. As you might recall, that is 20km long for the Senior Men, and carries a 1 minute add-on penalty for each miss of the 20 shots. Shooting was rough with few shooting clean—Lowell being one of them. He came out of the range after the last shooing in 1st place by 7 sec ahead of Moravec’s time of the Czech Republic, a really strong skier……that lead dropped to 0.6 sec 1.5 km from the finish. Lowell dug deep..and won by 3.3 sec. Moravec also shot clean, third went to Fourcade of France who had 2 misses. Wow! That is a first for the US. We have been on the podium a few times, but never in that spot in the Senior World Cup or Senior Championships!! [Sean Dougherty owns the international record for wins at the Youth and Junior Worlds.]

Lowell, Lake Placid, was part of Cory Salmela’s Junior National team back in the late 90’s, where he was one of the US top Juniors. He then skied for the U of Vermont for 4 years and came back to biathlon without missing a beat…

Leif Norgren from Marine on the St Croix was 23rd in that race with 2 misses, Tim Burke was 36th with 4 and Sean Dougherty was 58th with 4. All came up through the US Junior programs.

The past two days have seen the relay races. Women’s 4 x 6 km yesterday and Men’s 4 x 7.5 km today. The US, undoubtedly inspired by Lowell, improved considerably over their past results indicated by their bib numbers. In the Women’s race, Germany won with no penalties and 9 extra rounds. [Recall that in the relay, each shooter must handload up to 3 extra rounds if their target is not clean..after that comes the 150 meter penalty loop for any targets not hit with the total of 8 shots. Each extra loading, aiming and firing takes about 8-10 sec—so kind of a double penalty] The US Women finished 14th moving up from 22nd in the last relay. They were 3:37 back of Germany, used 13 extra rounds and no penalties. 23 Nations had teams in the race.

In the Men’s race this am, the US started with bib #18 putting Lowell out first. He shot clean with no extras and stuck close to the leaders handing off to Leif. Leif used one extra and handed off to Tim Burke in about 6th place. Tim shot clean using 4 extras, and also losing time on skis to the leaders. Sean went out last, with the US holding behind the second pack—and finishing in 7th place using 8 extras and no penalty loops….1:50 behind winner Russia who only used 3 extra rounds. France was 2nd, Austria was 3rd with Germany unable to catch Landertinger of Austria. 26 Nations had teams in this race.

Tomorrow are the Mass Starts. If you are an insomniac, the Women’ 12,5 km race will be on live at 4:30 am CST and the Men’s 15 km much better at 7:45. All will be posted later for viewing at your convenience online, hard to avoid the results beforehand if you watch them later. The coverage has been awesome with much of the course covered by the cameras along with the normal range graphics and splits from the course. In the Individual race the electronic tie-in is so tight the 1 minute penalty for a miss will jump the shooters running time while he is in the process of shooting. All the shooting times, and results and course splits are posted after the races on the IBU Data webpage.

Only the top 30 in the World Cup Rankings will race in the Mass Start races. So Susan Dunkley in the first race and Lowell Bailey in the second for the US. Shooting is PPSS with the first shoot on their bib number than filling in from the right for the remainder of the range visits.

Our MN Youth and Juniors are still in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic, where they have been for the past couple of weeks, training with Coach Travis Voyer of the National Guard. Tomorrow they will move to the venue for the YJr Worlds at Brezno-Osrblie, Slovakia. Monday will be ski test and course familiarzation, Tues Official Training. Then the Youth Men and Women do the Individual event on Wed, followed by the Junior Men and Women on Thurs. The Start lists will be posted the night before on IBU’s webpage. It will be interesting to see how many Nations are represented. Normally it is close to 30. It will also be interesting to see what is televised by Eurosport. That should show up on their website after the senior Champs are done tomorrow. If not, you can usually find that someone has posted most or all of each race on UTube.

Our MN Youth are Amanda and Vasek; the Juniors are Siena and Cam. Jakob Ellingson, a Senior now, is back in the US doing NorAm races and trying to qualify for the final IBU events. Lot of traveling if he makes it!! Raleigh Goessling has tossed his hat into the ring also for those races.

For the YJrWorld Championships, the order of the events is Individual Youth Wed, Ind. Jr’s Thurs; Sprint Youth Fri, Spt. Jr’s Sat; All Pursuits [top 60 from the Sprints] Sunday; Youth Relays on Monday and finishing up with the Junior Relays on Tues. So lot of racing coming up!!

More soon!

European Biathlon #10

Hi Everyone-
A short note tonight.

In the Sprint races at Nove Mesto in the Open European Jr Championships, as you may recall from the last report, Vasek Cervenka from Mt Itasca Biathlon was the only US team member to make the top 60 and thus move on to the Pursuit race yesterday. So he started with his time back from the Sprint, 1:24 behind the first out. With the rest of the team on the course cheering him on, Vasek finished in 29th, shooting 2,1,0,1 and finishing 3:52 behind the winner, M Zemlincka of the Czech Republic who started in 5th and shot 0,0,1,1 and finished the 12.5km race in 36:06.6.

For the next two weeks the US athletes will stay in Nove Mesto which is SE of Prague, training daily now for the Youth and Junior Championships which start on Wednesday, Feb 22nd with the Youth Individual Races. On the 23rd will be the Junior Individual races which in some years have been streamed online. Watch for those. Generally the Youth events have not been televised.

So on Sunday the 19th the Youth and Junior team will move to Brezno-Osrblie, Slovakia, to get used to the venue, test skis and shift to prerace training routines for the next few days before the races start.

Meanwhile, on this Thursday the 9th of Feb at 7:45 our time, the World Championships will begin with the Mixed Relay. These will, of course, be televised live and available to watch later on EuroSport. Senior Worlds this year are in Hochfilzen, Austria. Events are scheduled daily except Mon/Tues the 13/14th and run through the 19th. The US will have a full roster of seniors at these events.

Enjoy—more later
Bill Meyer

European Biathlon #9

Hi Everyone-
Big weekend for biathlon in Slovakia at Orsblie and in Czech Republic at Nove Mesto.

Yesterday, the Seniors in the IBU Cup did a sprint race, followed today by a Pursuit which is based on the results of the sprint. And only the top 60 advance then have to start with their time back from yesterday.

In the Women’s 7.5km Sprint Emily Dreissigacker shot 0,1 and finished in 28th 2:22 back. Hallie Grossman shot 2,4 and finished in 48th 4:40 back.
In the Men’s 10km Paul Schommer shot 1,1 and finished 2:27 back in 38th place. Jakob Ellingson , 2,2; 54th and 3:26 back. Alex Howe 3,2; 3:31 back in 57th and Russell Currier 3,4 in 65th and 4:30 back. Russell did not advance.

In today’s Women’s 10km pursuit, Emily Dreissigacker shot 0,1,1,1, and finished in 25th 4:39 back. Grossman was lapped and pulled from the race.
In the Men’s 12.5km Paul finished in 39th, shooting 2,2,0,0 and 5:36 back. Jakob shot 1,1,0,1 for 45th 6:45 behind. Alex Howe was lapped.

At Nove Mesto, the Women’s 7.5 km Sprint, they skied early [3:00 am our time] with Siena Ellingson taking the top US position, 62nd, shooting 1,1 and finishing 3:25 behind the Czech winner, Davidova shooting 0,1 and finishing in 22:24. Chloe Levins was next, 0,2 in 67th place 3:44 behind. Amanda Kautzer shot 3,1, 6:04 back for 91st. So none of the women will advance.

In the Men’s 10km Sprint, Vasek Cervenka put together the best race for the US, shooting 1,0 for 25th, 1:23 behind the winner, N Porshnev of Russia who missed one shot and finished in 27:26.
Travis Cooper missed 2,2 and finished in 66th , 3:40 back. Cody Johnson 0,2 for 76th, 4:30 back and Cam Christiansen, 1,1 for 79th, 4:35 back.

So to finish the Open European Junior Championships, Vasek will be the only entry in the Pursuit races tomorrow.

The next events will be the Youth and Junior World Championships in Orsblie, Slovakia beginning with Youth [15,16,17,18 yr olds] on the 22nd in Individual races and the Juniors [19,20 yr olds] in Individual races on the 23rd. Several more from the US will be joining those who have been currently racing to fill out the teams for the Worlds .

Bill Meyer