Wisconsin Biathlon 2017-2018 Schedule

The Wisconsin Biathlon race schedule for 2017/18 is:

  • January 7 (Sunday) Wisconsin Biathlon Cup race #1 at Blackhawk Ski Club
  • January 20 (Saturday) WIB Cup #2 at McMiller (possibly including a novice race)
  • January 28 (Sunday) WIB Cup #3 at Green Bay (with a novice race)
  • February 10+11 (Sat/Sun) WIB Cup #4a+b at McMiller (Sat) then Blackhawk (Sun)
  • February 17 (Saturday) WIB Cup #5 at Green Bay (with novice race)
  • March 4 (Sunday) WIB Cup #6 at Blackhawk (with novice race)

Minnesota Biathlon 2017/2018 Winter Biathlon Schedule


Zero, start times and formats will be announced by the organizers of the events as the details emerge.

Sun 10 Dec—MNCup  #1  Mt Itasca

Fri- Tues 15-19 Dec—IBU Trials  Mt Itasca
Sat 16 Dec – MNCup #2 Mt Itasca
Sun 17 Dec- MN Cup #3 Mt Itasca

Thurs- Sun- 28th-31st Dec YJr Trials Mt Itasca
Fri 29 Dec MN Cup #4 Mt Itasca
Sat 30 Dec MNCup #5 Mt Itasca
Sun 31 Dec MNCup #6 Mt Itasca

Sun 14 Jan ‘18  MN Cup #7 Snowflake
Sun 21 Jan  MN Cup #8 Nisswa [LJJ Nordic race Sun 28th BRD] <- updated date to Jan 21st

26 Jan Friday—MN Guard Regional Sprint- Camp Ripley
27 Jan Sat—MN Guard Regional Pursuit- Camp Ripley
28 Jan Sun—BNSC Lumberjack Jaunt – Brainerd- Nordic race

High School Section meets Tues-Thurs 6th-8th Feb various locations
High School State Meet Thurs 15 Feb Giants Ridge
JNQ Meets 17/18 Feb Mt Itasca
Sun 25 Feb MN Cup #9 Woodland Trails, Elk River

26th Feb- 04 Mar YJr Worlds Estonia
[race days- travel will be earlier

Sat 10 Mar MN Cup #10 Mt Itasca

US Nationals/NorAm Championships
29-31 Mar, Soldier Hollow, Utah

21st Annual Fall Festival Elk River Roller Ski Biathlon Race – Sunday, Oct 29, 2017

21st Annual Fall Festival Elk River Roller Ski Biathlon Race

Sponsored by Minnesota Biathlon and Twin Cities Biathlon

  • Sunday, October 29, 2017
  • Elk River Biathlon Range  – Directions
  • 1 / 9.3 / 11.4km Interval Start (10 seconds apart)
    • Boys / Girls – 1 medium + 4 short loops
    • Women – 3 medium + 2 short loops
    • Men – 5 medium loops
    • PPSS with Penalty Loops
  • Registration 9:30 AM
  • Zero – 10:00 AM
  • Race Start – 11:00 AM
  • Cost – $10.00 (Cheap!)
    • Make checks payable to Minnesota Biathlon 
  • Volunteers needed!! Please call Brian Wray to volunteer or with any questions – 651-366-2952.

2017 21st Annual Fall Festival 10_29_17 Registration

Good Morning!!

Attached is the Invitation for the last roller ski race of the season. We skied at Elk River yesterday and after we got the leaves blown off, the pavement was clean. Better than mid summer!! We will begin blowing about 8:30 if anyone has a packpack blower and would like to jump in.

Sharpen your pole tips—it is getting cool enough now that it takes a sharp point to grip on the harder surface. Also a good time to check over your rifle and be sure all the parts are snugged up and secure!! [Leave the trigger screws alone!!!]  If you have been having problems zeroing with multiple adjustments before the group will move, you should get into your rear sight and lightly lube it and brush it with a small brush as you move it back and forth—up and down. Count out 50 clicks one way—then go 100 the other way—and back 50 to leave it about where you started. Scrub a lot!! But very light on a thin oil..

You will have to remove the blinder and sight extender to do this. Be sure you get them back right…

You should plan to race in racing clothes—not baggy sweat shirts, floppy shorts that catch the wind, sweat pants etc. And wear gloves—same as a winter race…

So plan on attending and please let me know by Wed PM so I can set up a tentative start list.

Bill Meyer, Coach

Midwest Regional Intensity/Biathlon Camp 19-22 Oct, 2017

Midwest Regional Biathlon Camp
October 19-22, 2017
Mt. Itasca/ Grand Rapids / Elk River, MN

This camp will focus on the specific biathlon training – fast shooting drills, hard combo intervals, additional physical testing( uphill test, rollerski time-trial)

Dates: Thursday, October 19 at 10:00AM, [meeting at Mt. Itasca]  through Sunday, October 22, at 11:00AM at Mt. Itasca or 12:00 PM Elk River.

Note: For those interested, there will be an option to move part of the camp to Elk River on Sunday to workout on the paved trails. Please let both Vlad and me know ASAP: a] if you plan to attend the camp, b] what days you will be there, c] if you want to finish with Sunday at Elk River.


Thu 19- 10 AM: Shooting drills + shooting tests

        2 PM : Combo Intervals 6-8x 5 min

Fri 20 –   8AM : Uphill test

        10AM : Shooting drills, easy combo

        3PM  : Rollerski distance+ technique 2h

Sat 21-   8AM : Rollerski timetrial or intervals( meeting at Fairgrounds)

        3PM : Strength combo shooting, shooting drills

Sun 22-  9AM : Combo shooting/ timetrials [Vlad]

        or  – 10:00 AM Elk River—Combo shooting/ Time trials  [Bill]

What to bring: You will need 1 brick of ammo, running shoes, several  set of clothing, rollerski equipment and helmet, water bottle carrier.

Housing and foodON Your OWN!!!! Possible to camp at Mt. Itasca.

Cost : $ 20/ day   for coaching and usage of  Mt. Itasca ( free for Mt. Itasca athletes)

Please let me know who is coming ( outside the Mt. Itasca athletes)