US Biathlon in Europe #17

Hi Everyone,
This will be the final report on the Youth and Juniors from MN in Europe. Jakob Ellingson, Senior, from the Twin Cities was invited to go back to Europe for the 2 final IBU cup series and at last report was looking for funding. Amanda Kautzer has been invited to go to Sweden for the Swedish National Championships, but I am going to finish up reporting with todays Junior Relay races.

Relays are fun to watch and be in, if your team is in, say, the top 5 before the last shooting. When your team is back a ways, it isn’t real fun to watch. The old saying that a team is only as strong as its weakest link is double true in biathlon. It is also hard to judge exactly how fast the skiers are moving, as the 3 laps each skier does differ in length [each athlete skis a total of 7.5 or 6.0 km plus penalties] but depending on the stadium layout, the first lap might be a bit longer and the last lap shorter –or whatever. Some determination of comparable ski speed can be made between members of the team and the competition however based on the full leg of skiing with the shooting time deducted.

In the US Junior Men’s 4 x 7.5 km Relay team, Cody Johnson, ME skied the scramble leg, Cam Christiansen, MN skied 2nd, Travis Cooper, AK 3rd and Peter Carroll, CA anchored. Cody moved up nicely in the first lap, lost a bit of time loading one extra round to clean in prone, and skied a strong second leg. Too strong. He missed all 5 in standing, but did manage to come back and hit with his 3 extras, but then headed to the penalty loop for 2 laps. He tagged off Cam in next to last-16th place, who immediately got passed, but hung in tight. In the range, Cam cleaned prone with 5 and moved out in 15th 2:30 behind Russia. In Standing he missed 1 with the 5 but caught is immediately with his first extra round and left in 13th 2:52 back. He tagged off Travis in 13th, 3:23 back. Travis used 3 extras and moved the US up a couple of places. Peter also needed a few extra rounds and slowly dropped back in skiing to finish for the team in 14th place, 7:53 behind the Russians. It was an improvement, last year they finished in #16th place.

Cam shot the best today for the US hitting 10 targets with 11 shots; and the top 3 US Men each skied at about a 2:33 per km pace for their 7.5km The second leg Russian skied at a 2:23 pace and he wasn’t the fastest by 8 or 10 sec. And the US had two penalty loops and used 10 extra rounds that take about 20 sec each to handload and shoot, while the Russians had no penalty loops and used 7 extra rounds.

In the Junior Women’s 3 x 6.0 km Relay team, Siena Ellingson, MN scrambled, Helen Wilson, AK went 2nd and Nina Armstrong, NY anchored. One of the 3 Junior women selected at trials could not make the trip so they filled out the US team with Helen who is a Youth, but who did better than Nina in the last analysis.
Siena had problems in the range, shooting slowly and using all 3 extra rounds for both prone and standing. She tagged off in 16th place 2:25 back. Helen used just 2 extras—one each in prone and standing and tagged off to Nina in 17th only 9 sec behind Slovakia. Nina, attempting to make up ground, struggled in prone—missing all 8 shots for 5 penalty loops. She recovered to clean standing without extras, but finished for the US in 17th 11:30 back.

With the conclusion of the Championships the US team will travel to Vienna tonight. Cam and a few others will take a train to Munich and fly back from there on Thursday.

Bill Meyer

US Biathlon in Europe #14

Update #14 – Good Morning All,

Since my last report, the US Youth and Juniors have participate in 4 races at Osrblie, Slovakia. The Juniors raced the Individual format yesterday and the Youth did the Sprint format today. As you might recall, the Individual for the Juniors has a 1 minute add-on penalty for misses and the shooting is PSPS for a total of 20 shots. The Sprint race is PS with a 150 meter penalty loop that typically takes about 25-30 sec to ski per missed shot.

In the Junior Men’s 15 km Individual event, the start was delayed 30 min while they ‘salted’ the course. That typically involves putting on a nitrogen based fertilizer which causes some snow to melt, but takes up heat in the process and thus freezes the remaining snowpack and dries it up a bit. Where it was salted, the athletes reported good skiing.

Cody Johnson., ME, shot well, 0,0,0,2 and finished in 50th place, 5:08 behind the winner, Pettersen of Norway who also missed his last 2 shots, and finished in 40:17. Travis Cooper did not start. Cam Christiansen, MN, had problems in the range, shooting 1,1,2,2 and finishing 8:10 back in 72nd; and Peter Carroll, CA, is just getting over jet lag and while shooting good in prone, was off in the standing, going 0,3,0 1 and finishing 10:36 back in 79th.

In Cam’s case, while his total 4 stage shooting time was ranked  47th—0:57 behind the fastest, he was only 11 sec slower than the winner. The rest of the time back was evenly divided between 4 min of shooting penalty and 4 min of ski time over the 15 km. The Junior fields are really strong on skis!!

In the Women’s 12.5km event, Siena Ellingson, MN, shot 0,1,2,1 and finished in  50th, 7:11 behind the Canadian winner, Bankes, who shot clean and finished in 37:22. Nina Armstrong, NY, also struggled in the range shooting 4,1,2,1 finishing in 65th, 14:15 behind the winner.

In todays Sprint races the finish place is doubly important as only the top 60 will advance to the Pursuit event on Sunday. Apparently the wind was pretty strong today and affected both prone and standing for most. In prone—a 15 mph side wind will blow the bullet from a center shot to the rim of the prone plate. Usually the wind will not change a lot from zero, but if it does in the hour or hour and a half, the athlete needs to make a sight adjustment at the time of shooting to compensate for the change before he/she shoots. In standing, the wind tends to buffet the shooter, causing difficulty in holding a sight picture through the shot and into follow-through, thus creating a lot of misses even though the standing target is about 2.5 times the diameter of the prone target. [115 mm standing vs 45 mm prone.]

In the Men’s 7.5km event: 

Vasek Cervenka, MN, struggled in the range today, shooting 4,2 finishing in 49th 3:27 behind the winner Claude of France who shot 1,1 and finished in 20:18.3. Vasek will advance to the Pursuit. Alex Kilby, AK, shot 1,2 finishing in 69th, 4:47 back, Jake Pearson, WY, shot 2,3 finishing in 76th, 5:07 back and Eli Nielsen, WA, shot 3,2 finishing in 82nd, 5:18 back.

In the Women’s 6 km event:

Chloe Levins, VT, shot well going 0,1 and finishing in 11th place, 1:40 behind the Italian winner, Lardschnieder who also had 1 miss and finished in 19:48.3. She was followed for the US by Grace Gilliland, AK, who shot 1,3 and finished in 55th, 4:35 back; Amanda Kautzer,MN,  who shot 3,3 and finished in 59th, 4:42 back barely making the cutoff for the Pursuit; and Helen Wilson, AK, who shot 2,2 and finished in 67th, 5:10 behind the winner.

Tomorrow, Saturday, brings the first European TV to these races. They are schedule to stream the 4:00 am Junior Men’s 10km Sprint and presumably the Junior Women’s 7.5km Sprint at 7:00 am. As of this writing, the start lists are not yet posted. Check IBU Data Center in a few hours for a list.

More later,
Bill Meyer

US Biathlon in Europe #11 – Lowell Bailey’s Gold Medal in the BWC Individual

Morning Everyone-

We are in the midst of the Senior World Championships in Hochfilzen, Austria. The biggest news, of course, is Lowell Bailey’s Gold Medal in the Individual race. As you might recall, that is 20km long for the Senior Men, and carries a 1 minute add-on penalty for each miss of the 20 shots. Shooting was rough with few shooting clean—Lowell being one of them. He came out of the range after the last shooing in 1st place by 7 sec ahead of Moravec’s time of the Czech Republic, a really strong skier……that lead dropped to 0.6 sec 1.5 km from the finish. Lowell dug deep..and won by 3.3 sec. Moravec also shot clean, third went to Fourcade of France who had 2 misses. Wow! That is a first for the US. We have been on the podium a few times, but never in that spot in the Senior World Cup or Senior Championships!! [Sean Dougherty owns the international record for wins at the Youth and Junior Worlds.]

Lowell, Lake Placid, was part of Cory Salmela’s Junior National team back in the late 90’s, where he was one of the US top Juniors. He then skied for the U of Vermont for 4 years and came back to biathlon without missing a beat…

Leif Norgren from Marine on the St Croix was 23rd in that race with 2 misses, Tim Burke was 36th with 4 and Sean Dougherty was 58th with 4. All came up through the US Junior programs.

The past two days have seen the relay races. Women’s 4 x 6 km yesterday and Men’s 4 x 7.5 km today. The US, undoubtedly inspired by Lowell, improved considerably over their past results indicated by their bib numbers. In the Women’s race, Germany won with no penalties and 9 extra rounds. [Recall that in the relay, each shooter must handload up to 3 extra rounds if their target is not clean..after that comes the 150 meter penalty loop for any targets not hit with the total of 8 shots. Each extra loading, aiming and firing takes about 8-10 sec—so kind of a double penalty] The US Women finished 14th moving up from 22nd in the last relay. They were 3:37 back of Germany, used 13 extra rounds and no penalties. 23 Nations had teams in the race.

In the Men’s race this am, the US started with bib #18 putting Lowell out first. He shot clean with no extras and stuck close to the leaders handing off to Leif. Leif used one extra and handed off to Tim Burke in about 6th place. Tim shot clean using 4 extras, and also losing time on skis to the leaders. Sean went out last, with the US holding behind the second pack—and finishing in 7th place using 8 extras and no penalty loops….1:50 behind winner Russia who only used 3 extra rounds. France was 2nd, Austria was 3rd with Germany unable to catch Landertinger of Austria. 26 Nations had teams in this race.

Tomorrow are the Mass Starts. If you are an insomniac, the Women’ 12,5 km race will be on live at 4:30 am CST and the Men’s 15 km much better at 7:45. All will be posted later for viewing at your convenience online, hard to avoid the results beforehand if you watch them later. The coverage has been awesome with much of the course covered by the cameras along with the normal range graphics and splits from the course. In the Individual race the electronic tie-in is so tight the 1 minute penalty for a miss will jump the shooters running time while he is in the process of shooting. All the shooting times, and results and course splits are posted after the races on the IBU Data webpage.

Only the top 30 in the World Cup Rankings will race in the Mass Start races. So Susan Dunkley in the first race and Lowell Bailey in the second for the US. Shooting is PPSS with the first shoot on their bib number than filling in from the right for the remainder of the range visits.

Our MN Youth and Juniors are still in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic, where they have been for the past couple of weeks, training with Coach Travis Voyer of the National Guard. Tomorrow they will move to the venue for the YJr Worlds at Brezno-Osrblie, Slovakia. Monday will be ski test and course familiarzation, Tues Official Training. Then the Youth Men and Women do the Individual event on Wed, followed by the Junior Men and Women on Thurs. The Start lists will be posted the night before on IBU’s webpage. It will be interesting to see how many Nations are represented. Normally it is close to 30. It will also be interesting to see what is televised by Eurosport. That should show up on their website after the senior Champs are done tomorrow. If not, you can usually find that someone has posted most or all of each race on UTube.

Our MN Youth are Amanda and Vasek; the Juniors are Siena and Cam. Jakob Ellingson, a Senior now, is back in the US doing NorAm races and trying to qualify for the final IBU events. Lot of traveling if he makes it!! Raleigh Goessling has tossed his hat into the ring also for those races.

For the YJrWorld Championships, the order of the events is Individual Youth Wed, Ind. Jr’s Thurs; Sprint Youth Fri, Spt. Jr’s Sat; All Pursuits [top 60 from the Sprints] Sunday; Youth Relays on Monday and finishing up with the Junior Relays on Tues. So lot of racing coming up!!

More soon!

Minnesota Cup #6: Biathlon Race & Novice Race – Mount Itasca – Sun, Feb 19, 2017 – RESULTS

Minnesota Cup #6: Biathlon Race & Novice Race

Hosted by Mt.Itasca Nordic Ski Association

MN Cup #6 February 2017

Date: Sunday, February 19, 2017

Place: Mt.Itasca, Coleraine

Race Format: Mass Start (PPSS)

Biathlon Results: Mass Start, 2.19.2017
7.5K Mass Start (5×1.5K)
Place Categ. Name Shooting Time
1 SM Warren Rosholt 1323 37:35
1 MM Gregg Pattison 2332 45:42
1 SW Hanne Guthrie O122 35:41
1 G Kaisa Bosek OO22 40:31
2 G Lucia Wyland 3312 40:39
3 G Emma Watson 2331 42:51
4 G Elsa Viren 4110 44:33 PP  PP  PS  PS
5 G Annika Viren 3044 46:27
6 G Stormy Hegg 3345 48:33
7 G Emma Reineke 4554 52:22
1 B Matej Cervenka 1100 36:35 PP  PP  PS  PS
2 B Noah Cagle 3423 41:15
3 B Devin Emslander 4103 45:08 PP  PS  PS  SS
7.5K Air Rifle
1 G Lucy Watson 1411 43:35
NOVICE RACE 3×1.5K (4.5K)
1 16M Garret Beckrich 17:10
2 17M Alex Kelling 18:00
3 16M Colton Gottwalt 19:05
4 17M Max Friese 20:28
5 16M Noah Adams 20:31
6 14M Jackson Grant 21:59
7 15M Colton Yorek 22:17
8 15M Lukas Schmitz-Peiffer 23:50
9 18M Gunner Kleinschmidt 25:02
1 15F Molly Lange 25:12
2 15F Caitlin Gustafson 27:47
3 14F Olivia VanRisseghem 33:25
4 26F Ashley Birdsall 35:00
Novice Race 4.5K Boys 11-12 years old
1 11M Ryker Bosek 28:31
2 12M Jalen Emslander 31:20
3 11M Erik Reineke 39:33



Distance: G, YW, JW, SW, MW: 7.5km

               B, YM, JM, SM, MM: 10km;

Registration: 9:30 AM –   10:00 AM

Zero:           10:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Race Start: 10:45 AM Mass Start

Cost:         $20 (cash or check payable to MINSA)

Novice Race (recommended age: 13+)

~ Registration: 9:30 – 11:30am

~ No previous shooting experience necessary!
~ Instruction, Rifles, and Ammo provided.
~ Novice Race will follow the main race.
~ Safety Clinic prior to the Race
~ Start approx. at 12-12:15PM

~ Race Format: Mass Start – 4.5k (3×1.5k), PP + penalty loop

~ Cost: $20 (cash or check payable to MINSA)

Awards for Biathlon & Novice Race: after completion of both races.

Questions? Call Vlad or Petra 218-999-5046  or e-mail

European Biathlon #8

Hi Everyone,

This morning saw the beginning of the Open European Junior Championships in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic. The fields were bigger than in Slovenia—but some of the same names were near the top. Snow conditions looked good.

In the early 12.5 km Individual race, the US Women suffered from mediocre shooting in the race most often thought of as a ‘shooter’s race’ because of the huge 1 min penalty assigned for each miss. Chloe Levins, joining the US women, was in 70th shooting 1,1,2,1, and finishing 8:46 behind the German winner, Weidle who shot clean—0,0,0,0. So 3:46 behind in ski time. Siena Ellingson, was 75th shooting 1,2,2,1 and 9:38 back and Amanda Kautzer was 80th, shooting 2,1,1,2 and 11:15 behind. 99 women started.

In the Men’s 15 km Individual, Vasek Cervenka put together a great race for a Youth skiing up to the Junior level, finishing 27th, shooting 0,0,1,0 and finishing 4:44 behind the Russian winner who shot clean. Travis Cooper finished 68th, shooting 1,2,1,1 and finishing 8:50 back; Cam Christiansen was 75th, shooting 2,1,1,1 and finishing 10:40 back; followed by Cody Johnson, in 99th place, shooting 0,3,2,1 and finishing 16:13 back. 114 Men started.

On Saturday, there will be a Sprint race for all, followed on Sunday, a Pursuit race for the top 60 from the Sprint race.

Meanwhile, tomorrow am 4 US Men and 2 US women will do an IBU Cup sprint race in Slovakia, west of the Nove Mesto venue. Jakob Ellingson will be skiing in that race.

More later,
Bill Meyer

NISSWA MNCUP #5 – Saturday, Jan 28, 2017 – RESULTS


Coming up on Saturday, Jan 28th, 2017 is the next in our MNCup series of races. The following day, for anyone interested is the BNSC’s Lumberjack Jaunt, a 6/16 km Nordic race..classical or skate. For information regarding that event—please go to the BNSC webpage.


Hanne Guthrie 00:00.0 2 1 3 2 8 39:02.0 39:02.0 1 1 SW 10km
Owen Baird 00:10.0 5 4 2 3 14 43:23.0 43:13.0 1 2 MM 10 km
Kaisa Bosek 00:20.0 0 1 2 2 5 30:03.0 29:43.0 1 1 SrG 7 km
Emma Watson 00:50.0 0 1 1 2 4 31:38.0 30:48.0 2 2 SrG 7 km
Emma Reineke 01:00.0 5 3 4 3 15 36:56.0 35:56.0 3 3 SrG 7 km
Cheresa Bouley 00:40.0 4 3 3 5 15 37:38.0 36:58.0 4 4 SrG 7 km
Stormy Hegg 01:10.0 5 3 0 p/s 0 p/s 8 34:30.0 33:20.0 1 SrG 7 km
Devin Emslander 00:30.0 5 5 2 p/s 4 s/s 16 36:55.0 36:25.0 1 SrB 7 km
Ryker Bosek 01:20.0 3 0 p/s 3 p/s 0 p/s 6 30:03.0 28:43.0 1 1 JrB 5 km

WHEN: Saturday, Jan 28th, 2017

TIME: zero at 10:00 am, races begin when all are zeroed—10:45- 11:00

WHERE: Nisswa range. Lower Roy Lake Rd, Nisswa. Next to the Nisswa Wastewater Treatment Plant/Nisswa Maintenance Facility. Note: there are no bathroom facilities available at the range.

WHAT: Two races are planned, both Pursuit Format with 10 sec interval starts based on estimated ski speeds.

First race:

MM, SM, JM, YM, MW, SW, JW …10 km… 5 x Blue loop

YW…7 km.. 2 x Blue + 3 x Yellow…..All carry rifles

Note: Youth classes are normally AGES 16,17,18 [in 2016]

Second race immediately after completion of first race:

Senior B/G …7 km …2 x Blue + 3 x Yellow

Younger B/G ..5 km..1 x Blue + 2 x Yellow + 2 x Green

Note: Senior B/G will not carry and can include athletes 16 yrs old or younger. They will shoot at normal targets.

Younger B/G will not carry and are athletes 14 yrs old or younger

WHO: Any athlete who has been taught biathlon safety and who has shot on their home range is eligible to participate. All will zero at 10:00 am. All participants will use their own slings/cuffs unless they provide a rest for the rifle. Target size/shooting position for Younger B/G will be adjusted according to their ability.

WEATHER: Current conditions are good at the range, however we are currently experiencing warm rainy weather through Monday. I will update the race status on Tues eve.

SIGNUP AND LUNCH: Please let me know by Thurs eve if you plan to attend so I can adjust the schedule if need be. A lunch will be provided at Meyer’s after the races. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU PLAN TO JOIN US FOR LUNCH.