US IBU Cup Team Trials – Mass Start Results – Mon. Dec. 19

Results – IBU Trials Mass Start 12.19.11- pdf

Press Release: Dec 19, 2011, Mt Itasca, Coleraine, MN
Day 3: IBU Cup Biathlon Trials‐ Mass Start

Athletes were greeted with a rather bitter north‐west wind this morning at Mt
Itasca, but everyone was eager to get the race underway. The head to head nature
of the Mass Start really increases the pressure on the shooting range, and makes this
the most exciting biathlon event.

In the Men’s 15km Mass Start, Russell Currier (MWSC) of Caribou, Maine, took the
hole shot and led out the race for the first 2.5km. Junior competitor Raleigh
Goessling (MWSC) tried to get the better of his elders by cleaning the first stage and
taking over the lead after the first shooting, but things soon turned around and it
became the Russell Currier Show by the second prone stage. Russell put on an
impressive show of ski speed and excellent shooting, missing only 2 of 18 targets.
Mark Johnson (Mt Itasca Biathlon), Grand Rapids, MN, doggedly tried to keep in
contact with Currier, matching his shooting over the first three stages. Currier
slammed the door shut with a clean final standing stage, while Johnson took an
uncharacteristic 3 penalties in his last standing.

As the battle was raging at the front end of the race, Sean Doherty of Conway, NH,
overcame some early prone penalties to quietly move up within 30 seconds of Mark
Johnson. Doherty, age 16, is the top US qualifier for the Youth Olympic Games team
and a 2 time World Junior Championship competitor. Sean cleaned his last
standing stage quickly, and moved into 2nd place, finishing 22 seconds ahead of

In the Women’s 12.5km Mass Start, Katrina Howe (MWSC) took the early lead,
shooting 9 for 10 in the first two prone stages. She was followed closely by Anna
Kubek (Mt Itasca Biathlon). Beth Ann Chamberlain (MWSC) struggled with prone,
hitting 5 for 10, but fast skiing kept her within striking distance. Beth Ann was able
to reel in both Kubek and Howe just before the last standing stage, setting up a
classic biathlon duel. All three competitors lined up on the range together, and once
the smoke cleared it was Kubek out with 1 penalty, Howe with 2, and Chamberlain
with 3. Kubek was able to maintain her lead to the finish line, capping off a
tremendous race series for the 16 year old.

The Mass Start concluded the 3 race series for team selection to the January IBU
Cup. The USBA International Competition Committee will announce nominations to
the IBU Cup team in the next few days (

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