US IBU Cup Team Trials – Pursuit Format Results – Sun. Dec. 18

RESULTS – IBU Trials Pursuit 12.18.11 pdf

Press Release: Dec 18, 2011, Mt Itasca, Coleraine, MN

Day 2: IBU Cup Biathlon Trials‐ Pursuit Format
Day 2 of the IBU Cup Trials opened with a perfect shooting and skiing conditions. Despite a balmy 35 degrees, the course set up well, and the ski tracks at Mt Itasca were firm and fast. Russell Currier (MWSC) of Caribou, ME came out swinging after a poor performance in the Sprint competition of Day 1 where he finished in 4th. He had something to prove and he was able to redeem himself over the 12.5km course and 4 shooting stages.

Currier had the best shooting of the day, hitting 18 for 20, and skied with his signature high tempo and jump skate on the steep pitches of the 2.5km loop. Mark Johnson (Mt Itasca Biathlon) of Grand Rapids, MN finished in 2nd with 3 penalties, 1:04 sec out, followed by Wynn Roberts (US National Team/National Guard) of Battle Lake, MN, with 6 penalties.

In the Women’s 10km race, 14 seconds separated the top three finishers. Beth Ann Chamberlain (MWSC) returned to her hometown training ground at Mt Itasca and put down the fastest ski time of the day and hitting 15 for 20. BethAnn was just able to hold a 6 second margin of victory over Katrina Howe (MWSC) of Gunstock, NH who had 4 penalties. In third place, 14 seconds out of first, was 16 year old Anna Kubek (Mt Itasca Biathlon) of Duluth, MN, also with 4 penalties.

Day 3 will feature the most exciting format in biathlon, the mass start‐ 15km for men and 12.5km for women, with four shooting stages.

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